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主題:How can encryption and anonymi 含原文總篇數 3
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作者: antaantina
發表日期:2019/11/30 21:59:41
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How can encryption and anonymity help you?
By encryption, we mean the encryption of information and incoming and outgoing messages. It is very important to take precautions before sending personal data and information in a non-secure space. So, how can users get this protection?

In addition to protecting your personal data, VPN service providers offer entire categories of Internet user protection services:

Get access to all blocked content. You just need to change your IP address to an address in Amsterdam.
Get access to Amediateka.ru if you are abroad. Just change the IP address to Russian and you can watch TV shows with Russian voice acting.
Buying keys on Steam games or a subscription to Spotify is much cheaper by simply switching the IP address to countries where the purchasing power is lower.
Download torrent files without getting a penalty, since all your data is encrypted, your ISP can not track your actions.
To access the games that are prohibited in the dorms.
Get rid of cookie, who is always chasing with his advertising.
Ensure security when connecting to a public Wi-Fi connection.

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Re:How can encryption and anon

作者: minga20
發表日期:2019/12/08 22:28:55
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 What is a VPN service?
VPN stands for virtual private network (virtual private network). This network allows the user to change the IP address to unlock inaccessible content, be anonymous on the Internet, and protect the transmission of personal data from interception and attacks by hackers. VPN service allows you to freely access the Internet in case of blockages.

Usually the first on the list in the search engine are already blocked earlier VPN-programs. Therefore, experts advise not to choose the first lines, which gives Google search, and check those programs that are below.

To purchase a VPN service for your smartphone, you need to go to the Appstore (for iPhone) or Play market (for Android). The advantage of VPN-service for smartphones in contrast to VPN-service for desktops is that on Android and in the Play Market all programs are licensed and tested for viruses.

How to choose a VPN?
When selecting a vpn 推薦 service, you need to pay attention to the following important criteria:

The recommended connection type is L2TP VPN. It is built into most operating systems. It has a reliable and fast Protocol. Typically, connection types are listed in the characteristics on VPN sites. All other types of connections are less secure and not very easy to use. It is also desirable that the service has an additional OpenVPN connection, which increases the security and encryption of the channel.

Pay attention to the logs. Anonymity disappears when the VPN server leads them. Logs are any records that can help identify each client individually. You need to carefully examine the website of the company providing the VPN service. If the company has a legal address, then, most likely, the company logs, since all registered companies are required to maintain logs and monitor the activities of their customers. You should also pay attention to the "Agreement on the use of services". It happens that the company's website States that the company logs are not maintained. However, the agreement may provide for the storage of logs.

If you are seriously worried about your anonymity, the best VPN service for you is one that does not have an office. If there is an office-then there is a place where you can come or send an official request. That is, the presence of a registered company or office means that the VPN service is less anonymous.

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Re:How can encryption and anon

作者: gbcreh45149
發表日期:2019/12/08 20:15:49
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very interesting. I've been looking for a way to protect my actions online for a long time. I very often have to use free Internet in public places. it's probably easy to track down and use my personal data. I'd like to know more about it. it is also interesting how much this service costs.

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