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主題: COP 26世界各國政府的請願書:禁止所有肉食
作者: 做個素食英雄吧
文 章 編 號: 第 234447 篇
發 表 日 期: 2020/02/27 2:10:37
閱 讀 次 數: 44
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親愛的聖人們~COP 26世界各國政府的請願書:禁止所有肉食




Be a Hero, Save our Kids, Ban all Meat, now!


請同修及邀請本地的素食組織和名人共同簽署兩份請願書,並將其廣泛傳播。 我們希望收集盡可能多的簽名,並在2020年11月在英國格拉斯哥舉行的COP 26之前或期間向世界領導人提交請願書。



governments worldwide : Global Prayer for World Vegan


I just signed the petition "governments worldwide : Global Prayer for World Vegan" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 500 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


A new United Nations report warns the impacts of climate change are increasing and inevitable. Hurricanes, extreme weather, heat waves, rising oceans, forest fires, toxic air, rain forests being wiped out, decline in nature threatening humanity, a sixth wave of extinction, collapse of all types of fish species, coral reefs are dying, almost no oxygen in the water, the largest ocean dead zone ever recorded, millions are facing water shortages, deadly waterborne diseases like dysentery, diarrhea and cholera. This is code red. We are facing one of the greatest global risks of our time.


We are the primary cause and only we have the power to stop it. The livestock industry is responsible for a massive percentage of green house gases. It's one of the principal causes of biodiversity loss, water pollution, and deforestation. The fate of the planet depends on the way we choose to eat. So the UN is calling on food producers and consumers to make changes; a new revolution with a shift to a plant-based diet. Protesters in 150 countries are calling on world leaders to take urgent action. Be a Hero, Save our Kids, Ban all Meat, Now! Be Vegan! THANK YOU FOR BOLD VEGAN LAWS! Please use all subsidies to help transition farmers to only plant-based agriculture. 


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